Our Solution

Our Solution

Our Solution


Everywell develops and provides a complete turnkey telehealth solution, comprising hardware and software components, for long-term patient-centered, preventive remote care, chronic disease management, personal wellness, and emergency management. The company’s robust product line and intellectual property strategically position it to become a leading solutions provider.

 Platform Features

Health-e-Care is a modular and scalable platform that includes modules such as:

Patient enrollment: Extensive capture of patient background and relevant medical and wellness information

Disease template care plans: Assisting caregivers in appropriate patient-tailored plan selection. Preschedule caregiver and patient interactions and promote patient compliance, a crucial factor for long-term health preservation.

Scheduling: Caregiver and patient scheduling tools

Professional dashboards and shift management: Intelligent and intuitive management tools enabling a few caregivers to perform real-time monitoring of many patients simultaneously.

Expert views: Clinical dashboards provide a holistic informational view of patients’ health and wellness status.

Audio/video and messaging: End users can connect with caregivers and relatives using their tablet, or by logging into their portal from any device without the need for software installation. A message center provides offline messaging.

Electronic medical record (coded & meaningful data): Health-e-Care platform continuously monitors patients’ vital signs, physiological, psychological and other clinical information. In addition, the platform is designed to receive external data, including:

  • Active and past problems and complaints
  • Coded diagnosis
  • Adverse events
  • Hospitalizations
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Clinically relevant questionnaire results and trends
  • Physical, mental, nutritional, and hygiene trends
  • Laboratory test results
  • Imaging studies
  • Vital sign data and trends
  • Timeline and complete history

 Administration: System and customization settings

Staff management: Manage staff tasks and availability

 Referrals: Register and manage referring institutions/professionals

 Payers: Register payers

 Holistic: Health-e-Care records and manages vital signs, medication compliance, templated questionnaires, medical complaints, video sessions, laboratory tests, medical records and more.

Health-e-Care is able to manage and track patients’ physical, mental, dietary, social and hygiene information over time and provide a meaningful presentation to caregivers.