Ridhi Mehra Unveils ICONS AW 23 with Supermodels Ujjawal Raut, Carol Gracias, Indrani Dasgupta, Archana and Kanistha

An outfit is just an outfit until a model sashays it down the ramp…

The muse, poetry in motion, and the life of the runway - The Model, are everything and beyond the mere projection of a designer’s work. In a world of celebrity showstoppers have we forgotten the unsung stars of the ramp? 

Reminiscing the good ol’ days with the OG showstoppers, Ridhi Mehra proudly presents The ICONS, featuring the legendary faces of the modeling world in a never seen campaign.

The ICONS- An ode to the OG’s

The ICONS - is Ridhi Mehra’s humble attempt at celebrating the iconic divas of the fashion runway. Drawing inspiration from their aplomb, charisma, and undisputed spirit that has enlivened sartorial creations, and innumerable covers alike, the AW 2023 campaign will be graced by the iconic and legendary names in the world of modeling.  

“Through the AW 2023 campaign, I wish to bring back the glorious days from decades ago when the runway was an altar in its own right and the models that ruled it were no less than deities of fashion. It's an ode to their indomitable allure and their iconic walk that the world was in awe of; the OG showstoppers, the ICONS.” - Ridhi Mehra

The Muses

With a reputation and a remarkable runway presence spanning the prime years of modeling, pan India and Internationally, the faces of ICONS - AW 2023 are legendary names, loved and celebrated all over the world. ICONS features:

Indrani Dasgupta - Her iconic dimples have always livened up TV commercials and fashion campaigns. As one of the former iconic faces of Lakmé, India, Indrani Dasgupta’s modeling career has been an inspiration for aspiring models.

Ujjwala Raut - The 90s supermodel has been a favorite on the international runway. From acing the runway as Victoria’s Secret Angel twice to hosting and judging the famous Kingfisher Calendar Hunt, Ujjwala paved the path for aspiring models.

Carol Gracias - She knows how to make a statement on the runway. She is one of the first Indian models to flaunt her baby bump on the runway. Carol Gracias is a force to reckon with on and off camera. 

Archana - The beloved cover girl for eminent names such as Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Verve and more. 

Kanishtha - Crowned Miss India in 2011, a doting mom to her baby, is making a comeback on the runway. 

“I believe this is a collection second, and a promise first. ICONS is made to inspire and delight; it's a prayer, a tribute, a serenade to the eternal phenomenon called feminine grace.” - Ridhi Mehra

ICONS is a tribute to the runway superstars, the campaign’s collection aligns beautifully with the narrative of epitomizing feminine grace. Each piece in this exceptional collection weaves a poetic tale of dignity and charisma, capturing the essence of the feminine form through Ridhi Mehra's signature couture.

Reigning in craft and allure with a power play of drama and glamour, the exquisite collection is brought to life in an array of printed designs. An eclectic array of enchanting silhouettes making a statement in ivory, the collection is an amalgamation of couture pieces that exudes artisanal excellence. Just like the empowering catwalk blending with the fluidity of the fabric, come bear witness to hand embroidery and intricate beadwork intertwining to accentuate the aura of opulent lehengas, dramatic drapes, and more.


Jewellery: Hanut Singh, House of Rose & Shri Paramani

Styling, Creative Direction & Casting: Gautam Kalra

Photography: Hormis Anthony Thakaran

Video: Studio Thirty Six Films