Dimensions | UNVEILING SOON!

The feminine form, surreally enigmatic yet enchantingly transparent, free-flowing yet grounded, fierce yet nurturing; she's genuinely incredible.Inspired by and celebrating the multifaceted woman, Ridhi Mehra proudly brings to you Dimensions. A narrative that comes from a personal space, one very close to Mehra's vantage point as a woman and all the roles she enjoys.

A poetic AW collection for 2022, Dimensions broadly arcs over an iconic couture capsule playing tastefully with the many elements that make a modern woman. How she's contemporary chic and at the very same time connected to her roots. How she's glamorous and elegant, cultured and spirited.

It is a grand spectacle of new-age statements, old-world charm and all things gorgeous in between.

The palette is rich ranging from soothing hues like ivory, beige pink, and dusky rose to intense shades of fuchsia, navy, cherry red, emerald green and black.

It's a revelry of different enamouring fabrics which include organza, raw silk, chiffon, georgette, tulle and satin.

Graceful silhouettes are adorned with a myriad of bedazzling embroideries from Aari, Dori, and patchwork to multicolored thread work. Furthermore, stones and feathers as embellishments with cascading jewels and thread fringe steal the show along with vivid new prints, shades and tones.

Dimensions is a result of Mehra's perspectives that she's imbibed, amalgamated with her love of balance between staying modern but never compromising on traditions, accepting the evolving system whilst taking pride in her culture.

This collection is an honest dedication to the woman who denies fitting into one definition of womanhood; rejoices in all her imperfections and in all her Dimensions.