Ridhi Mehra’s lexicon of eccentric and delicate details with the correct flare for drama has made her a favorite among neo-Indian brides. Echoing her signature styles, in Serai our Pre-Fall 2020 collection, styles are punctuated with shimmery sequins, pearls, silk threads on geometric floral and paisley motifs. The collection portrays a striking example of unbreakable camaraderie. Combined with Indian jewelry and flowers, there is a sense of tranquility and placid vibe that captures the poignant emotion of love shared with friends and family.
We have all grown up with the dreams of a perfect fairytale wedding adorned with an elaborate, tiered, wedding cake; white linen; scented candles in a naturally stunning area creating a bright and vibrant effect against a rustic theme. This collection offers a western-style veil as well, creating a potent and timeless image.