The unfathomable beauty that lies within await exploration. Her light, ever-inspiring, brighter than ever now illuminating the path to self-discovery... A leap into the deep with Ridhi Mehra. Introducing Raeza - an eloquent, fluid, and truly enticing collection for your days deeply infused with grandeur.

Raeza is all about exploration, the new and you.

It's a collection that has taken a creative deviation from vibrant lighter shades to more intense hues while keeping the signature silhouettes as is.

Defined by rich and majestic ensembles made in predominantly silk, chiffon and organza, every creation in Raeza exudes a bohemian charm.

Raeza embodies every facet of womanhood from soft to bold, depicted through its many approaches - be it in the meticulous bold motifs or in the delicate threadwork. The elaborately detailed blouses, voluminous flows, structured outlines and complementing overlays add all the more character to every expressive piece in this collection.

From regal to lush and timeless - this collection is replete with a multitude of styles and statements that swiftly transition from dusk to dawn. Pieces in the collection are imbued with the enigma of a dark colour palette including black, purple, burgundy and so on, acting as the perfect base and backdrop for vibrant embroidery. It's a delightful treat to the eyes complete with timeless silhouettes like lehengas, signature sarees, classic peplums and many more.

So come along, embark on a journey to the depths of what’s within, discovering self and blooming fully with Raeza.